Aerial Archaeology Research Group

A community of archaeologists, heritage professionals, researchers, students and independent scholars dedicated to education, research and outreach initiatives involving the acquisition and application of data from airborne and spaceborne platforms.

Who we are

Aerial Archaeology Research Group (AARG) sees the aerial perspective as integral to the pursuit of key questions in archaeology and heritage, including landscape character, long term landscape change, human ecodynamics, and the experience of place.

AARG promotes the advancement of archaeological knowledge through high standards of research and practice in the fields of air-photography and other methods of airborne remote sensing. We provide opportunities for networking, mentorship, and exchanges of ideas on theories, methods and technologies related to aerial archaeology.

What we do


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What is Aerial Archaeology?

More archaeological features have been found worldwide through aerial photography than by any other means of survey. The method also provides means of examining context and larger areas of land than through the traditional site-based focus. Aerial photographs of archaeological features in many parts of the world show there to have been occupation of much of the land from Neolithic times onwards.

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Membership to AARG is open to anyone who works in or has an interest in aerial archaeology.